Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh Dear, Biased BBC Not Checking Facts

Yeah you guessed it, another fuck up by Biased BBC. They got all rabid over a story from canada.com that was then pulled and has been widely discredited. Their complaint?? That the BBC didn't cover the story!! So unlike a bunch of reactionaries to be so, well, reactionary!!! Hilariously, the comments posted after it became clear of the doubt surrounding this issue, includes one claiming:

'How were they [BiasedBBC] supposed to know this wasn't true.'

Far be it for me to piss on your fire but, by and large, research is a very useful tool before you start blowing a gasket. Just a thought. I'm just planting seeds. Anyway, it's well worth reading the whole debacle so here it is:

Kerry B #
Speaking of Nazis, why, oh why is the BBC unable find space on its well-funded website to report
this? For a government monopoly, the Beeb ought to be able to cobble together something.
Thanks to Hugh Hewitt.

Update 20th May: As our B-BBC commentariat observe, there are doubts about this story. Amir Taheri, the Iranian-born scholar whose detailed report of new laws pushing an Islamic dress code has not been disproven, though the story based on Taheri’s report has been removed from the National Post website. It’s not unheard of in recent memory for non-Muslim minorities to be given yellow ribbons, but I see why the BBC would be careful not to repeat an unsubstantiated report. Could they not at least report the actual concerns governments have about this issue and others. Could they not at least report the undisputed debate by the Iranian parliament to strongly encourage (if not impose) more strict Islamic dress requirements on the populace? Like a good nanny, the Beeb seems unwilling to report menacing signs from Iran lest those in her charge become overwhelmed.

Truly thanks must go out to Hugh for such sterling work. May I be so bold as to suggest he try reading some other sources before writing utter garbage. And Kerry, you really must try harder I'm afraid this will only score you a D-. Straight to the bottom of the class for you.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle of right-wingers acting like fish out of water, then check out the comments.