Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mexican Police Accused of Rape

Reports claim that Mexican police raped seven women and sexually abused 16 others. The claims come after riots in San Salvador Atenco last week. Needless to say, the Mexican chief of police has refuted the charges made by one human rights organisation. However, there is a worrying trend for officials to be involved in intimidation and threats towards many Mexican citizens. This comes just two months before the presidential elections in July. Vincente Fox has been a big supporter of Bush over the past five years, and this coupled with the brutality of officials, could be his party's downfall. There has already been a wave of leftist leaders coming to power in South America on the back of popular support from the disadvantaged. Could it be that the poor and disadvantaged in Central America will be next to cast off the chains of the US government?

Parties Contesting Presidential Election: National Action Party, Alliance for the Welfare of All (PRD, PT, Convergence), Alliance for Mexico (PRI, PVEM), Social Democratic and Farmer Alternative, New Alliance.