Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's Just a Ride......

Today has become a Bill Hicks day (I'm listening to Rant in E-Minor right now!!). As you may know, I am a bit of a Bill Hicks fan. I only wish I had been more aware of him when he was alive. Just recently I have been introducing his work to several colleagues of mine, spreading the word of Bill. He was a true anti-capitalist before it became fashionable. I have to admit I don't agree with everything he said, but a good 98% of it strikes a chord.

I often wonder what on earth he would say today. I think he would be truly dismayed. Bush Jr is even more of a nutcase than his father. The right-wing still persist in protecting the establishment (even behind their shallow attacks on a 'left-wing' government). Corporations control our lives. Consumerism is slowly killing anything good and creative. Governments still spend money on arming shitty little dictators, instead of alleviating the suffering of the poor. Politicians still bend over to get their arses pounded by cigar chomping suits. And what do we do??? Sit down, grab some Doritos and watch Big 'fuckin' Brother. And there we sit. Munching Doritos and salsa dip, with our hands down our pants. And we watch as a bunch of self-serving retards prance around on the TV screen fighting for screen time, while we fiddle with our sexual organs. What's that??? A hundred people died today in Iraq? Fuck off. I wanna watch some fake breasted, non-entity cry because she can't find her waterproof mascara. Now pass me another fuckin' beer, I'm gonna get wasted. Sound familiar??

The governments have us in the palm of their hands. We get fed a diet of celebrity gossip and 'entertainment' while our governments continue to rape and murder the poor and helpless. But hey, fuck it, I wanna know who Angelina is fucking this week. They throw as these scraps while we mindlessly ignore all the evidence that is there to be found, day in, day out. We fall for the corporate lie every day. They propagate lies and feed us with entertainment, in all its forms, while they support governments that kill for oil. For fuck's sake, Murdoch owns MySpace. Yes that evil fucker, the provider of all things evil, the sponsor of war and the raping of the poor, owns MySpace. Don't ever let me hear any fucker on MySpace complain about world poverty and war. You fucking legitimise the arsehole who is providing the propaganda that allows the west to murder and rape at will. You are helping a murdering scumbag. Fuck MySpace and fuck Murdoch.

Sorry guys, that's what happens when you listen to too much Bill Hicks, you kinda get a bit carried away. So I apologise. I'm not normally like this. Honest. I'm a nice guy...shut up neath! No, really. I am. I just don't get out much. My wife locks me in the study and I have nothing to do but type shit out for hours on end until I get fed. I only get out to go to work and buy shit. Otherwise I remain locked in this little room with one small window and a rapidly diminishing supply of air.

Anyway, Eurovision tonight. Yay!! Let's hope our boy beats those thieving, two faced foreigners. Either that, or let's hope that the audience are given Uzi machine guns as they take their seats and that they spray bullets into every one of those brain dead wannabes who will demand our attention.

"Now dance, you fucker or I'm gonna paint the stage with your fuckin' brains"

Now that's entertainment!

Maybe, I'm taking this all a bit too seriously. After all, it's just a ride............