Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Touched His G-Spot

And I got this in return!!! Sadly, I was crap at coming up with things beginning with 'S' so I had to ask some children at work to help me!!!! How sad and pathetic!! See if you can guess which ones are from the children. So here goes neath my boy:

Socialism: I used to be ashamed of the word.....but, thanks to Chavez, I have become rather smitten with the idea.

Strawberries: The finest creation nature could possibly supply me with. For they are mine and mine alone!!!!!!

Spain: The wife's home and darn nice place it is too.

Sarcasm: I really love it, no really, I do.

Science: Shit at it at school. Shit at it now. Consequently, I hate it.

Surrealism: Comedy mainly, I love surreal comedy eg Big Train

Salmon: One of my favourite fish based fish (especially smoked). Or something like that.

Swimming: Something I can't do and will never even bother to learn, just avoid water. It really is that simple!!!

Superunknown: (It's a word!!!). The greatest early nineties rock album. The very, very best!!!

Sesquipedalophobia: argh!!! I can't even look at the word!!!

Probably not what you were after neath, but I am lazy, tired and unimaginative. A special thanks to the kids!!!