Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Old Mad Mel

Read an interesting post on Melanie Phillips site. Interestingly, as is the way with the extreme right, Melanie seems prepared for Britain to shed it's pride and lie prostrate before the US. Why do the right seem intent on destroying the countries they say they represent? Why do nationalists seem intent on destroying the values they say they want to protect? Why do they show an utter lack of pride in our nation? Apparently, when 'Condi' Rice visited the UK the protestors showed an 'appeasement of intimidation'....obviously far worse than appeasement of 'our most powerful ally' this point I imagine Mel and her far right buddies doffing a cap to our superiors. Time was, when we had an Empire, they bowed to we bow to them. Interesting to see the right prostitute themselves in this way. Let's read Mel's view on the democratic protests (or expression of liberty as I like to call it):

'What is so striking about these protests is not just the discourtesy shown to a senior member of the government of our most powerful ally; it is not just that it is extraordinarily bone-headed to insult and alienate the ally on whom we continue to depend for our protection; it is not just the craven appeasement of intimidation, as I wrote in the Mail this morning. It is the lethal moral inversion of the argument, which is not surprising since these protests are being fuelled -- if not orchestrated -- by the comrades of the Trotskyite/Islamist Stop the War Coalition, as can be clearly seen from their website which provides details of and helpful travel arrangements for marches and demonstrations today and tomorrow.'

Do you know what, even I feel like giving up our right to express an opinion...the US government (that's government, not people) is clearly the beholder of absolute truth. My favourite line is this one (spot the's there!!!):

'Because the US is apparently waging war against the innocent in Iraq. Excuse me?? The US is currently in Iraq at the express request of the Iraqis themselves to defend the innocent against the war being waged against them.'

Yeah, read that again.....'express request'. Ok so how did that conversation go?? Somehow I do not think they gave a request for us to was more a case of we wanted to stay so we can reap the profits of the oil reserves. If we don't rebuild the country we can't get the oil industry working and we can't get our hands on the oil. I really don't think the idea was to cripple the country to shit and then go home. Besides, is the American sponsored 'government' really going to turn around to its master and tell it to piss off back home. Of course not, they are hardly likely to bite the hand that feeds them are they? We want the oil Mel, you know that black valuable stuff. They can't produce it if we don't stay and help them repair the shit we destroyed.

Even better, the US is defending life and liberty. Great way to defend life....kill more bad people. And defending liberty? Oh that's what they were doing when tapping the phones of ordinary American citizens. Oh, now I understand what liberty is. Let's face it, the right won't be happy until they destroy the very things that make us civilised. Wave goodbye to liberty, respect for human life and peace. The right are nothing but the stableboys for the horsemen of the apocolypse.