Friday, April 14, 2006

Corruption at Heart of UK Government?

The Labour government is in real trouble over the whole issue of loans and donations. Des Smith, who had a post on the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, has been accused of promising honours to those who sponsor the institutions. This is yet another scandal running through the heart of the UK government. Corruption seems to be a permanent fixture of this government, and yet Blair always seems to come out smelling of roses. I have no doubt that this is going on. We are living under a government who are quite happy to patronise the rich and powerful to carry favour. There can surely be no-one left out there who truly believe that this is a party of the socialist left. They have shown an unerring propensity to prostitute themselves to the wealthy while the rich/poor divide grows ever larger. Every day that passes, I remain proud of the fact I have never voted for this government. They do not represent me, they represent the tiny, tax avoiding elite. Their's is a policy of continuation from Thatcher's legacy, no matter what right wing commentators may bleat on about.

Strangely, however, vast amounts of people in this country are too apathetic to care or do anything about it. They have their style magazines, their shite TV, the money in their bank.....why should they care?? It's a classic tactic from the Roman Empire to the Nazis. Distract the population with an abundance of popular culture and they will fail to notice the corruption that is prevalent in modern western democracies. History tells us what happens when educated people take their eyes off the ball. The politicians rub their hands and do their worst.

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