Monday, March 27, 2006

You Have Been Warned

Remember what I told you? Well, it has started. A James Dowson has been targeting a school for teaching sex education. Supported by Neal Horsley, the man behind many attacks on doctors and nurses who work in abortion clinics in America (not to mention an alleged mule fucker - really, check out the link for his name), he has actively encouraged activists to bombard the headteacher with hate emails. Furthermore, her home address was posted on the internet and she has been accused of being a 'cold-hearted baby killer'. The battle lines have been drawn. We have to fight against these so-called moralists who back immoral means to publicise their messages. Whether it be just from educating people of the dangers of taking an anti-abortionist standpoint (particularly when using violence to articulate it) or confronting these people with their distortions, the fight needs to step up a gear. However it is achieved, unless we guard ourselves against the growth of these views, we will find ourselves staring down the same route as in the US with no way back.