Friday, March 17, 2006

Tintin: A Biography by Harry Thompson

Ok, I admit it....I prefered Tintin to Asterix. Something about it just grabbed me in my youth. I fought alonside my comrades in the bitter Tintin/Asterix war that was fought so viciously throughout the 80's. Many cartoon characters were slaughtered along the way, but I feel safe in the knowledge that although we have not yet won the war, we are on our way to winning the hearts and minds of cartoon lovers everywhere. I have no idea what I am talking about now....where was I??? Ah yes, this is a fantastic companion to the Tintin books. It has an analysis on each one of the books and does so whilst also sketching Herge's past. It makes for a very interesting read and one certainly begins to understand the dilemma that was faced by Herge when working in the thirties and forties. For anyone who is a fan, I would strongly recommend reading this book written, as it was, by a self-confessed Tintin addict (who is sadly no longer with us).