Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meds - Placebo

I really got into Placebo around the time they released Pure Morning, I really loved that song and I subsequently bought Without You I'm Nothing. I have to say it was a cracking album, sure there were a few weak tracks, but overall pretty good. I also bought their greatest hits album because I kinda checked out on some of their albums. However, when I saw that they had realised a new album I was unsure as to whether I should give it a try. Well, as you can tell I did and, although it is not as good as some previous efforts, is well worth a listen.

Now I tend to like stuff that is a little loud, well written and has a bit of attitude. This kind of falls short on all three but not so much as to put me off. Some of the lyrics are a little questionable eg 'a broken promise/you were not honest' is particularly bad (and a disappointing end to a song that features Michael Stipe of all people) as is 'let's spend the night at jimmy choo's/I'll give you coats and cheap shampoo'. Having said that there are some cracking tracks on there that are particularly catchy. A good example being Infra-Red, which keeps buzzing around my head due to a rather catchy chorus. In fact, any of the first four tracks are worth repeated listening at high volume.

However, I think that one of the problems one has with listening to Placebo is the fact that you tend to think of the Stereophonics. Hear me out ok??!! The singer does have a rather distinctive voice that you either love or hate. They do produce some top tunes without ever really challenging you too much. They also give off this rock attitude whilst also making you think that they aren't really rock. Having said that, I would say it is worth investing in but I much prefer Without You I'm Nothing.