Tuesday, March 21, 2006


casino in Barcelona, seen from garden

view of the docks

Roy Lichtenstein's Barcelona Head

The Sagrada Familia
Barcelona was great, had a really good time there...much better than Madrid (mainly due to the fact it doesn't smell as bad as Madrid). The only thing I found a slight disappointment was the fact that you go there with these great expectations of everything being artistic and well designed....and then you discover it has the same pitfalls as other big cities.
The trip was blighted by many mishaps and near misses. A close encounter with a bag snatcher down Las Ramblas, a protracted argument with a taxi driver in Spanish (not with me, with my Spanish wife...I played the gallant gentleman and sat back and watched the performance...have you ever seen Spaniards argue??!!) and a transfer to a different airport for our departure due to a crash the previous day. Of course, I feel completely relaxed now!!!
One thing that really pissed me off was a weblog chat on the Guardian website. It involved many American and English bloggers claiming that Spaniards shit in holes in the ground, that they are rascist and dirty. I tried gallantly (this time!!) to argue my case, but was dismissed as a 'TWAT'. I think it is clear who the real 'TWATS' are. I'll stop there before I go really mental.....