Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Think I'm Gonna Cry

So, got this email about some free pearl jam tickets for their gig in London 20/4/06. Only the first 50 callers would receive tickets. So I spent ages on the phone desperate to get through.....guess what? I didn't. GUTTED. I'm gonna try and buy the tickets tomorrow, fingers crossed. I really, really wanna see them. I've missed them every time they have toured. I am not going to this time! They are the only one of my all time favourite bands (ok, maybe nirvana, but not a lot I can do now) that I have not seen yet. Please make it so. I will cry all day, and spend the next ten postings moaning if I don't get the tickets. They are going to be huge this year. The new album has had lots of positive vibes on the message boards....this is the one, mark my words.