Monday, March 06, 2006

I Love Freedom of Speech...Honest, no really...i really, really do.

A selection of comments from those defenders of 'free speech', the right. Notice the reaction to an opposing point of view. Try to look beyond the appalling grammar to the awfulness within. Enjoy.....

'You're 29 (supposedly,) and yet you have the mind of a child and write very much like one too. '

'Read what I wrote, and try again. And login next time or are you so completely retarded that you cannot do such a simple thing?'

'What planet are you living on? Clearly not Earth where the rest of us reside.'

'Oh dear - a Lib Dem sneaking in the shadows behind the anonymity of the blogsphere. How sad. Did I hit too close to the mark with my last post? as your reaction perfectly exhibits the usual pathetic line consistently drummed up by Lib Dems accusing all those on the right as extremists and fascists when you hit the brick wall of truth. You’re a typical Lib Dem; blustering and turning out the same old exhausted phrases that your snivelling opportunistic associates have been polluting this great country with for years.'

I love you guys! Keep up the irony! Oh and before you click on that comments link, try reading the quote at the head of the page. It's already been proven on a previous post of mine!!