Monday, February 13, 2006

ID Cards - The Lies

I have news for you....identity cards will not in any way help in the fight against terror, why? Because terrorist attacks have happened in countries were ID cards are compulsory (Spain), it made no difference. Having an extra piece of plastic in your hands is not going to stop these things from happening, to believe that it will is naive in the extreme. And to those who say "well we already have many different forms of ID" - yeah, we do so why do we need another one? The real concern is what will happen in the future. We have already put in place the infrastructure for a state beyond the dreams of Hitler and Stalin. An all seeing, all knowing state that can watch where you go, monitor your interests and we are starting to see the beginnings of attempts to control what we can think and say. One day someone will take advantage of this and we'll all be asking why no-one did anything to stop this. I hope Blair, Brown, Clarke etc are still around to see the folly of their actions.