Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guido Fawkes - A Policeman's Best Friend

Good to see that fuckhead bloggers have a keen idea about what is important. Just a week ago we were confronted with the brutality of our police force. A police force that has been encouraged to brutally suppress legitimate, peaceful protest. A police force that thinks that a fair investigation into the death of an innocent man during the G20 protests should be conducted by themselves.

A week after these revelations, and where are we? Are 'serious bloggers' taking the police to task, further investigating their behaviour and exposing the brutality that the government has encouraged?? Are they exposing the very real danger to our liberties that is posed by a brutal police force empowered by anti-terror legislation?? No, they are writing about a smear campaign conducted by an advisor. Drawing attention from the far scarier story that has been emerging over the past week. Kind of puts Mr Tomlinson's death at the hands of the police into perspective doesn't it. Guido Fawkes? Cupid Stunt more like.