Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm Coming Back

Yes, after a brief (ok, long) break from MOA due to other stuff going on in my life, I will be back here blogging shortly. In the meantime, I have branched out into a couple of other areas which will enable readers to keep up to speed with what is going on in my head. Firstly, you can join my network on Delicious where I will catalogue any links that are of interest to make it just that little bit easier to build up evidence that may be used to smite the feeble trolls. Anyways, you can join my network here. And you can also follow me via Twitter which will be updated with various quick thoughts when I don't have the opportunity for full on posts, as well as informing you when I have added a new post (like now!). You can follow my Twitterings here.

Posting will resume shortly.......