Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Mail - Arse and Elbow

Ok, minor story this, but it does highlight the reactionary nature of the Daily Mail. Yesterday's paper carried a full page piece on Carol Vorderman's exit from Countdown including accusations from Richard Whiteley's widow. These accusations include the claim that ageism was behind her exit:

Kathryn Apanowicz, who lived with Whiteley from 1994 until his death after a heart operation in 2005, said he would have been utterly appalled.

Miss Apanowicz, 48, claimed ageism and the downmarket tastes of Channel 4 programmers were a major reason in Miss Vorderman's decision to quit after 26 years.

Miss Apanowicz said Countdown should now be axed. 'Carol is an integral part of the show and it should not go on without her. They will probably get Myleene Klass, she does everything else,' she said.

Miss Apanowicz said TV chiefs were more interested in airing 'disgraceful behaviour' than looking after traditional viewers.

She believes this is the latest example of ageism and sexism being shown towards mature women presenters on TV.

Which makes you wonder, who is in line for the new look Countdown? Luckily, 20 pages further in, columnist Richard Kay has the answer:

It is said to be the Queen's favourite TV programme, so Her Majesty could soon be tuning in to see Channel 4's Countdown being presented by a very familiar figure indeed.

For I discover former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond is in the running to replace the departing Des O'Connor as host of the quiz show.

Jennie Bond is 57. Carol Vorderman is 47. So is Channel 4 indulging in ageism, or does the editor of the Mail not know his arse from his elbow? Answers on a postcard........