Thursday, June 12, 2008

Traitors Pass 42 Day Detention Bill in Commons

Traitors one and all, but here are the worst of the bunch with their email addresses. These are the twenty rebels who voted against the 90 day proposals, but for the 42 day detention. I guess something must have spooked them, maybe the great clunking fist. Why not write to them and express your anger and hey, if you get a reply send it me and I'll post the response.

John Austin: (also happens to sit on Human Rights Joint Committee)
Martin Caton:
Michael Clapham:
Ann Cryer:
David Hamilton:
Doug Henderson:
Sian James:
Sadiq Khan: Homepage
Mark Lazarowicz: Homepage
Tony Lloyd:
Andy Love:
Christine McCafferty:
George Mudie: or
Nick Raynsford: Contact Details
Joan Ruddock:
Sir Peter Soulsby:
David Taylor:
Jon Trickett:
Rudi Vis:
Robert Wareing: Contact Details

Drop them a line and make it clear how appalled you are by their decision to support the 42 day detention plan. In fact, while you are at it, why not email Tony 'I'll whore myself to the media to look tough' McNulty and Jacqui 'hard as nails' Smith:

Tony McNulty:
Jacqui Smith: