Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Death Penalty For Knife Crime

That's what one Tory MP proposes:

Kent MP has called for a return to the death penalty in order to deal with knife crime.

Roger Gale, the Tory MP for North Thanet, said that bringing back capital punishment for murder was the only way to deter people from carrying knives, short of banning all tools and kitchen utensils that could cause harm.

Mr Gale said: “Either ban hammers and screwdrivers and other carpenters’ tools or bring back capital punishment as the maximum available sentence for murder

“Are we seriously suggesting that Sabatier chef's knives should be banned?

“At home I have an oyster knife with a blade scarcely more than an inch long. It is potentially lethal. My wife Suzy and I also have a full range of kitchen cutlery and most of the knives have sharp points. Are we seriously suggesting that the fundamental implements of Western culinary art should be banned?

“Because if so then a panoply of carpenters and plumbers ‘weapons’ , for example, such as hammers and screwdrivers, will have to be taken out of circulation.

“I would suggest that the much more basic but practical response to the growth in armed crime is the re-introduction of capital punishment for murder.”

Ah the New Tories, same as the old Tories.