Monday, May 19, 2008

MOD To Keep Cluster Bombs

Remember the good old days of an 'ethical foreign policy'??? No? Neither do I. And here's a further reminder of this country's failure to operate ethically on the global stage:

The British government is deeply divided over its policy on cluster bombs on the eve of international negotiations about a ban, the Guardian has learned.

The split sets the Ministry of Defence, which wants to retain two types of cluster munitions in the British armoury, against Downing Street and the Foreign Office, which want to honour Gordon Brown's pledge last year "to work internationally for a ban" on those weapons that cause unacceptable harm to civilians.

An international conference on cluster munitions - shells or rockets which contain several smaller bombs - begins on Monday in Dublin. Officials said it was unlikely British divisions would be resolved by then. Instead, they hope the position taken by European allies could throw up a workable compromise.

Why not write to Des Browne and tell him what you think of this policy (in a polite way of course)? Here's his email address:

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