Sunday, May 11, 2008

David Cameron 'Psychologically Damaged'?

Apologies for the lack of posts in the past week. I have had family staying over and my spare room/study had been given over as living space for the duration of the whole week. This meant that posting was virtually impossible. However, the study is now mine, so posts can once more commence.........

Still struggling with the notion that the people of London have seen fit to vote in a man who is completely out of touch with the average man, I was interested to see a neat little juxtaposition in today's Observer. Firstly, on page 17, there was a two page spread on the rise of the 'new' Conservatives. A rise that was given a hefty nudge by the election of one Boris Johnson. The headline gives an indication as to the tone of the piece:

Is Team Cameron ready to storm Number 10?

The Tories are on a roll after their triumph in the local elections. A survey for today's Observer reveals that voters would overwhelmingly choose David Cameron over Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. Jo Revill examines the Conservative leader's preparations for power and a party starting to believe it might be electable again.

It goes on:

David Cameron is now in charge of a shadow cabinet that increasingly appears to look like a government-in-waiting. Amid economic gloom and uncertainty, and a thunderstorm of bad headlines for Gordon Brown's attempts to regain the upper hand, the latest polls show that the Tories are surging ahead.

Truly a scary prospect, I'm sure you will agree. The thought of a bunch of Eton schooled toffs, who have got no idea what it is to struggle in modern Britain, running the country fills me full of utter dread. In fact, page 19 of The Observer should give everyone cause for concern:

A powerful committee of MPs is to investigate the 'possible dangers' of children going to boarding school amid fears that they could be psychologically damaged. The select committee for children, schools and families will look at the social and emotional impact of separating youngsters from their parents.

Yes, boarding school may 'psychologically' damage children who attend them. That means that David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Oliver Letwin et al, may be 'psychologically' damaged individuals as a result of their time at boarding school. Do we really want to have people leading the country who are 'psychologically damaged'?? I would hope not, but if something isn't done soon, we could have a Prime Minister who is even more mentally unstable than Tony Blair (or even Gordon Brown).