Friday, May 23, 2008

Colombia Probes Links With FARC

Colombian prosecutors have asked the Supreme Court to investigate three opposition legislators for alleged links to the leftist Farc rebels.

The investigations were prompted by analysis of laptop computers seized in a cross-border raid into Ecuador, said chief prosecutor Mario Iguaran.

Under suspicion is Senator Piedad Cordoba. She has helped mediate the release of six Farc-held hostages.

She said her links with Farc were only to help free the hostages.

Mr Iguaran said five other Colombians and four foreigners were suspected of Farc links, including an Ecuadorean politician and a Venezuelan regional legislator and a US academic.

The other two Colombian legislators under investigation are Senator Gloria Ines Ramirez and Wilson Borja, a member of the lower house of the congress.

You'd think that maybe they would focus more on their government's links to terrorism, wouldn't you?