Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boris Johnson - Shirley Porter Part Deux

Ah, Boris Johnson. Funny chap isn't he? He's exactly what we need in London. A personality. You know where you stand with good old Boris.

Yes, sadly there were many Londoners who were happy to vote for this elitist Tory who is completely out of touch with the working man. And good old Boris is certainly off to a flyer. One of his first appointments was one Simon Milton as adviser on planning and housing. Milton was previously leader of Westminster Council and has a rather interesting background.

Milton was a member of Shirley Porter's housing committee. Shirley Porter was, you may remember, embroild in the infamous 'homes for votes' scandal when houses were sold to potential Tory voters in marginal wards. However, Milton was at the heart of an even bigger scandal. A scandal that reveals just how much Boris Johnson hates the working classes. A scandal that shows not only how much Boris hates Londoners, but also the Evening Standard.

During his time as a member of Porter's housing committee, Milton voted for homeless people being placed in asbestos-ridden accommodation. Yes, asbestos-ridden. The council moved homeless families into 200 homes that had been intended for emptying and asbestos removal. Even though the policy was reversed, 100 families still passed through these flats. This policy was subsequently described by one former chief executive of Westminster as 'simply criminal' [Private Eye, Issue 1210, pg14]. Clearly Boris Johnson has no major concerns about the welfare of the most vulnerable within London, or else why would he appoint someone with such a record? As one councillor put it on receiving the news of the appointment:

"With Johnson's obvious lack of experience of running anything, Milton could well be the one pulling the strings. But if Milton wanted to run London why didn't he put himself forward for election when he had the chance?

"Is Simon Milton really the best qualified person that Boris Johnson can find to advise him on planning and how to build more affordable homes in London?"

"Simon Milton learned everything he knows about flogging off council housing when he was one of the Shirley Porter gang involved in the 'Homes for Votes' scandal, including housing the homeless in asbestos ridden flats."

"Westminster residents are still £30 million out of pocket thanks to Milton agreeing to accept only a quarter of the £42 million surcharge owed by Porter."

Proof, if it were needed, that Boris Johnson couldn't give a toss about the average Londoner. It also goes to underline that Boris is no joke. He is not a lovable personality. He doesn't bring something different to London. He brings the same old mix of corruption, jobs for the boys and good old fashioned class hatred. I'm guessing that soon the laughter will stop and the anger will start. The marker has been drawn, it's time for Londoners to wake-up.