Monday, April 28, 2008

Kim Howells And Colombia

A little while back, Kim Howells made some rather misleading comments about Justice for Colombia. During an interview with the Western Mail, Howells claimed that the organisation is closely affiliated with the FARC, a disgraceful smear. Appalled by his language, and the fact that his words put many union members' lives in jeopardy, I wrote to the MP to express my disappointment with his attack on an important organisation in Colombia. After much hand wringing (it took a month to elicit a reply, during which time I was told they were 'working' on a response), I finally received a letter from Howells' office which you can read below:

One wonders about the content of the letter to the TUC and just how serious this government is about trade union members in Colombia (perhaps a FoI request is in order). One also wonders how this letter would go down with those who lost family members and work colleagues as a direct result of Mr Howells smearing an organisation fighting for the rights of trade union members.