Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prince Harry - The Multi-Level PR Coup

So, Prince Harry has returned home to dear old Blighty after viciously cutting down those filty Taliban scum. Pardon me for having ignored this story over the past couple of days, but it seemed somewhat of a trivial story when compared to other events around the world. However, as he returns from action, it is worth analysing just how beneficial this little PR exercise has really been for the Empire building of the West.

Firstly, and mostt importantly, this whole story has managed to avert the eye of the general public while a more sinister story regarding events in Afghanistan has been developing. As you may have read in an earlier post, former SAS man Ben Griffin has been banned from making any further disclosures regarding what the military have really been up to in Afghanistan and Iraq. The fact that these revelations include alleged breaches of the Geneva conventions in both Iraq and Afghanistan tells you all you need to know about why the establishment are so keen to quash any further disclosures. Who would have thought that in a country with an established Freedom of Information Act, such secrecy would prevail?? Luckily, the press had the wonderous story of Prince Harry's "bravery" with which to fill some space and avert the eye while the suppression of one man's freedom goes unnoticed. 1-0 to the PR men.

Prince Harry's little trip to Afghanistan, and the subsequent media frenzy, served another purpose. After six years of military operation, it has emerged that the operation is an almost complete failure. Despite the ideals of bringing democracy to a country that has been the play thing of empire builders for centuries, democracy only exists in a very limited form. It has been revealed that only 30% of the country is actually controlled by the (so-called) democratically elected government of Hamid Karzai. The vast majority of the country is controlled by either the Taliban (10%) or local warlords (60%). After six years, and millions of pounds in spending, the West has achieved democracy in only 30% of the country. A failure on a massive scale. Furthermore, this is a failure that would lead to even greater opposition to the empire building in the Middle East that is currently under way. Thank the lord for Harry, the MOD and a bunch of PR men. If it wasn't for them, there might be some serious questions about the state of our military intervention in Afghanistan.

Finally, and less importantly perhaps, this little PR coup has served to give confidence to the monarchists of this nation. Up until now, Harry has been seen as the typical Hooray Henry. Getting pissed up, pulling "birds", Harry has not exactly endeared himself to the monarchy loving classes. What joy now, however. Harry will faithfully be portrayed as a hero who went to fight for his country and no longer will the press obssess about his night time activities. This PR coup has, rather like the z-list celebs on Big Brother, revived his career and ensurede that, for the meantime at least, he will be remembered in a positive light by the monarchy loving classes. For the rest of us, however, it is another reminder of the extent with which the establishment will go to protect on of their own and prevent the masses from learning the truth about what is being done in their name.