Monday, March 03, 2008

Fox News - Laugh Out Loud Funny

One of the 'benefits' of coming to Spain is the chance to catch a bit of Fox news. Even though I am forced to pay for Sky news whether I want to or not, I choose not to line Murdoch's pockets further by paying his over inflated subscription. Yes Biased BBC fans, even if I did not own a TV, I would still be forced to pay money to keep Sky operating. The difference with the BBC is.......??

Anyway, just a quick glimpse of Fox and it is easy to see why American's are a little confused about the world. Take today for example. Sean Hannity, the puffed up right-wing windbag, was interviewing Karl Rove (laughingly dubbed 'the architect' - is that because he labours over grand designs which ultimately fail to deliver??) about the forthcoming American election. So far, so typical. What had me gasping with astonishment, however, was their description of Barak Obama. Obama is, according to Rove, a man of the "far-left". Far-left!!!!!?????? I laughed so hard I nearly choked. In what friggin' world could Obama ever be described as "far-left"???? Of his policies, which are particularly linked to far-left ideology??? I can barely think of one. Try to make a similar comparison in the UK, and almost everyone would laugh in your face. It strikes me as rather similar to pointing at an opponent and shouting "fascist" before running in the other direction. "Far-left"???? Obama is a representative of the Republican Lite party, a party that has never embraced that ideals of socialism, but has been as craven in its rush to support the rich as the Republicans. I worry for the state of America when brain dead experts like Rove and Hannity can openly claim such utter nonsense. And don't even get me started on Liebermann's appearance...........