Saturday, February 09, 2008

The BBC, Palestine and Half a Story

Nabbed the headline from one of the far-right cretins at Biased BBC, seemed appropriate for this little story I found on the BBC's website. In a report on the rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, the BBC reported the following:

Hamas, which does not recognise Israel and opposes the peace process, ousted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's forces from Gaza in June. Mr Abbas remains in control of Palestinian-administered parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

However, there is no explanation of the circumstances surrounding the 'ousting' of Abbas' forces. Like the fact that Fatah attempted to seize control of Gaza and the West Bank from the democratically elected Hamas government. Or the fact that Abbas' forces had been attempting to assassinate the leader of a democratically government. A more appropriate description of the situation would be that Abbas' forces had attempted a coup against a democratically elected government and failed. But then I guess that wouldn't fit in with the anti-Palestinian rhetoric that is prevalent in the West.