Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stop the Black Man

Melanie Phillips is at it again. This one is truly vile. So vile, I almost vomited all over my computer. Here's the opening to her sickening rant against Barack Obama (someone who isn't exactly in tune with my political beliefs):

Barack Obama belongs to the Trinity United Church in Chicago whose pastor is Rev Dr Jeremiah A Wright Jnr. Here is the church’s website. From it you will see that the church is committed to what looks suspiciously like black supremacism. Dr Wright promotes ‘black power’ and ‘black liberation theology’, under which adherents must have.......

That's about as much as I can take at the moment. If you have a strong stomach, feel free to read the rest. And if you are so inclined, post a comment expressing your utter disgust with this vile woman (whilst also considering the reaction if a similar article was written about a Jew, rather than a black man).