Monday, November 12, 2007

John Howard Attempts To Bribe Electorate

Cos that's the only way he'll get in:

HALF-A-MILLION families would pay less in advance for child care if the Coalition is re-elected.

The Government has announced a $652 million plan to pay the child care tax rebate before parents settle their bills, rather than after the tax year ends.

And in an about-face on previous Coalition policy, capital funds of up to $1 million apiece will be granted to help build or upgrade centres in up to 35 areas with no child care vacancies.

Unveiling the pre-payment plan at his election campaign launch in Brisbane yesterday, Prime Minister John Howard said it would provide more relief in the family budget

Yes, I am an evil totalitarian fuck monkey, but I'm a fuck monkey that can give you extra dough. Come dance with me my pretties while I slap you round the face with the promise of more money. Dance!! Dance I tell you!!! Hahahahahahaha!! You love it you slags!!!