Thursday, November 08, 2007

Douglas Murray Supports State Sponsored Execution

The man who is a close second to Andrew Roberts for the title of 'Man Most Deserving of a Good Beating' was on his usual top form on Question Time tonight (MOA: Wading Through The Wingnut Bollocks So You Don't Have To - and worrying my doctor with my rising blood pressure). Mr Murray (who, by the way, has taken to addressing the audience as 'ladies and gentleman' at the end of every statement like some foaming mouthed, rabid ring master in some twisted circus of hatred) did his utmost to defend the police, and particularly Ian Blair, against some terribly awful accusations (cos they need defending after all).

During a debate on Ian 'The Executioner' Blair, one woman in the audience described the De Menezes shooting as a 'crime', Murray shouted her down and claimed that such an accusation was ludicrous. Yes, according to Murray, pinning down an innocent man and blasting seven bullets into his body is entirely proper and in no way illegal. Such brave men fighting the 'War on Abstract Nouns', how dare the public question their right to blow the shit out of anything that moves?

Ladies and Gentleman (do you see what I did there?), I give you:

Douglas Murray:

The Man Who Wants The Police To Blow The Shit Out Of Anyone That Looks Slightly Foreign and May, In Some Way (Possibly), Be A Terrorist Because The Police Know What Is Best For All Of Us.

Thank you very much and goodnight.