Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aussie mega Election Day spectacular!!!

Here is a cross-section of some of today's best articles, just to give you a feel for what's about to happen to George Bush's staunchest ally in the War on Intelligent Foreign Policy.

In 2001, John Howard, aided by Philip Ruddock, showed that it was good business. Howard’s vital sentence, uttered for the first time during that campaign during the Liberals’ formal launch at the Sydney Recital Hall, was: “We decide who comes into this country and the circumstances in which they come.” I was there and there were two moments during that event when the roof of that beautiful space just about lifted off due to the rapturous applause from Liberal supporters: when Howard made that statement and when Ruddock, the hero of the push against boat people, was introduced to the crowd.
Here is an astounding piece of news from this morning, about how our ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker Environment Minister has taken out a full page newspaper ad demanding that people vote for him or be forced to go through the whole election process again. And from the same dramatic electorate (y'all have heard of Bondi Beach, right?) here is the latest breaking bit of over-the-top 90210 hilarity-stoopid-melodrama:

Check this earlier post for background. Rupert Murdoch's red-cordial-nightmare Caroline Overington screamed abuse at Labor Party candidate for Wentworth, George Newhouse just over an hour ago.

With her skill for making a clumsy scene, she made sure to not only do this in front of a lot of people, but at a polling location..
"At first we thought who was this woman yelling at Newhouse, then she slapped him and we realised it was Caroline Overington," the witness said.

She was obviously just following the Electoral Commission's guidance - mark one box above the line, all the boxes below the line, or attack the candidate in person just to make sure that everyone knows how highly News Limited prizes quality journalism.

Actually, perhaps it is a News Limited ploy. Let's face it - that last minute poll they ran which put the Liberals closer to winning than in any other poll this year probably wouldn't have hurt their sales. And now they can run the Sunday headline "Bugger the election results - read today's Slappy Bitch Psycho column!! Exclusive!!"

just in --> Not wanting to miss out on the last minute negative publicity, Queensland Liberals have made sure to get caught up in another deceptive how-to-vote flyer scam. Nationally, that's the third reported for the Liberals this week, proving that they are indeed the party of private enterprise.

Whether you're a political animal or an apolitical animal, here is a kick-balls compilation of music videos I put together for this auspicious day and your enjoyment. I will bet Korova's left ovary that no MoA reader out there has seen every one of these clips. Here's a juicy taste: