Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radiohead Killed the Music Industry (Well, maybe....)

I tend to be known for being a bit of a maniac Pearl Jam fan, but I am also a massive Radiohead fan. Hence the reason for this post. Kudos to them for putting their album out and allowing people to choose the price. I have to admit I decided to purchase the £40 box set, but still, could this be the future of music? The end of record labels?? It should also give an interesting insight into human behaviour. Will people still pay a reasonable sum of money when they are not forced to? Whatever, it is sure to be a masterstroke from perhaps the greatest band on the planet.

[As an aside, the so-called music critic at The Times was dumb enough to pay twice. He claims to have spent £9 on the download plus the purchase of the box. What he didn't realise was that by purchasing the box you get the download thrown in. But then, he does work for a Murdoch rag.]