Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bennelong lonely lonely lonely lonely.......TIME!!

John Howard's electoral region is Bennelong. The Federal Opposition (Labor) are running a highly respected investigative journalist against him and there's a real chance that she'll bump him. Of course, we want to see both him and his party gone so hopefully we don't choke at the election this year - because it will be the last chance to send a clear message of 'get f#$%ED!!!!'. The ultra-talented Cyrius01 on YouTube, however, has managed to get in early with this Dedly Ledly burn which pretty much covers 11 years in Australia's social and moral collapse - in case you missed it (you lucky, lucky bastards!).

Very rock, very funny, very replayable loud for housemates and co-workers.

I love that under 'interests & hobbies' Cyrius says he's into "preventing Armageddon-believing Christians from creating self-fulfilling prophecies and ruining the planet."

The dude is definitely onto something.

First spotted at the always worthwhile Homepage Daily