Saturday, September 01, 2007

General Sir Mike Jackson Attacks US Policy in Iraq

He doesn't pull his punches with Rumsfeld either:

The head of the British army during the Iraq invasion has said US post-war policy was "intellectually bankrupt".

In a Daily Telegraph interview, former chief of the general staff, Gen Sir Mike Jackson, added that US strategy had been "short-sighted".

He said former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was "one of the most responsible for the current situation".

I'm no general, but I could have told you that US strategy was short-sighted several years ago. Still, better late than never. I also found myself agreeing with a Tory (that's twice in a week that I have been complimentary - I need to be hosed down pronto) quoted in the BBC's report. Malcolm Rifkind said:

"I think one of the most fundamental criticisms is not just that Rumsfeld was incompetent - which he was - but it was actually his boss, George Bush, who actually made the extraordinary decision to put the Pentagon and Rumsfeld in control of political nation-building after the actual war ended."

So, if Rumsfeld is incompetent, what does that make his boss?? Well put, for a Tory scumbag.