Saturday, July 07, 2007

Quite Possibly The Worst Excuse In The History Of The World.....Ever.

A BOMB plot accused claimed chemicals he bought from the internet were for cleaning false teeth and unblocking drains — not making explosives.

Ex-BNP candidate Robert Cottage and former Grange dentist David Jackson stand accused of conspiring to cause explosions intended to endanger life.

School bus driver Cottage, 49, of Colne, Lancashire, told Manchester Crown Court yesterday he thought some of the other chemicals could be used to protect him from bird flu and purify water if supplies were cut off during civil unrest — two of his greatest fears.

Under cross-examination, Cottage said it was a coincidence he had bought a batch of chemicals just days after printing off recipes for explosive devices from the internet.

He told prosecutor Louise Blackwell QC he downloaded the Anarchist Cookbook and then printed off sections out of “idle curiosity”. He could not explain why he had detailed instructions for making a Molotov cocktail, a pipe hand grenade and dynamite.

[North West Evening Mail]

It all seems so plausible......