Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iranian Authorities Admit Osanloo Detained in Evin Prison

Taken from the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) website:

After two days of denying all knowledge of his whereabouts, the authorities in Iran this afternoon (Thursday 12 July) admitted that Mansour Osanloo is being held in Evin Prison, Tehran.

Osanloo was snatched from a bus two days ago by unidentified assailants. Since then his family, colleagues, lawyers and friends have met a wall of denials when questioning the authorities about who was holding him.

The order to arrest Osanloo is believed to have come from Revolutionary Court Judge Saeed Mortazavi, who had denied any knowledge of Osanloo’s whereabouts.

ITF General Secretary David Cockroft said: “At least we now know where Mansour is being held. We will campaign with renewed vigour for his release, and for the Iranian Government to rein in the loose cannons responsible for this latest shameful attack.”

Osanloo was attacked as he was getting off a bus and was subsequently severely beaten according to witnesses. He was then bundled into a car before being taken away by unidentified assailants. Once again, it emerges that Osanloo has been detained in the notorious Evin prison.

How you can help

The ITF is currently running a campaign to demand fair treatment for Osanloo and ensure his immediate release. You can help in the following ways:

To urge President Ahmadjinejad to take every step possible to ensure the safety and immediate release of Mansour Osanloo.

2. Send a Protest Letter

Click the above link to send a protest email to President Ahmadjinejad.

Please do your bit to force the Iranian government to observe basic human rights and ensure the safe release of Osanloo and an end to his persecution at the hands of the state.

Action Taken So Far

· They have jointly written to President Ahmadinejad, protesting against the attack.

· They have asked ILO (International Labour Organization) Director General Juan Somavia to help free Osanloo. ILO Executive Director Kari Tapiola today raised the matter with the Iranian Labour Attaché in Geneva.

· They have added this latest attack to their complaint to the ILO’s Committee on Freedom of Association against the Government of Iran.

· They have promised to mobilise trade unions internationally to shame the Government of Iran if Osanloo is not released today.

ITF General Secretary David Cockroft stated: “Three weeks ago we were applauding Mansour. One week ago we were successfully campaigning to have his deputy released from another unjustified arrest. This week we are profoundly worried about his physical safety and want to see Mansour freed and among his friends and family as quickly as possible.”

“We utterly condemn this latest cowardly mob attack on our friend and colleague, and urge the Government of Iran to wake up and deal with the elements within that have pulled off this latest act of repression.”