Sunday, July 29, 2007

Daily Mail - Fascist Paper Indulging in Political Correctness?

You can always rely on the Daily Mail for a good old fashioned slice of hypocrisy. Clearly revelling in the plight of the BBC (although I have yet to meet anyone who has changed their views of the institution), they really go to town on the alleged pressure from the Queen to prevent the programme from being broadcast. Clearly taking the same view of the palace, their banner headline screams:

The Queen wants BBC's faked film banned
Palace fury at refusal to scrap 'misleading' documentary

And the views of the Mail reading public? Fairly typical of the type of person you would expect to read the Mail. Here are a few examples:

Of course it should not be broadcast, the question does not even need asking. And the enquiry is being led by a ex-beeboid.. Why bother?

- Irxin, South West, England

If the Queen does not want it to be shown after the mis-representation, then it should not be shown. It shows the BBC is still high handed and has not learned anything.

- John, Norfolk UK

It should be banned. Considering the BBC's recent record of duplicity, how can anyone have confidence in this, or any of their documentaries?

- Mr S Perkin, Penzance, Cornwall

Good for Her Majesty. She's not going to put up with the poor standards of the BBC. I'm sure the majority of decent people in this country are behind her and mourn the death of decency of this once-great broadcaster.

- Anon, Haywards Heath, W.Sussex/

She should ban it. She is after all still the Queen of England and deserves respect.

- Steve Jones, Stockport, UK

And it goes on. Yes, calls for censorship are alive and well in the pages of the Daily Mail. I guess this should come as no surprise given that the Mail was one of the key Nazi sympathisers during the 1930s. They just loved that whole censorship ideal. Still, it doesn't stop the fascist hypocrites from claiming to defend free speech. Take this example:

This trampling of free speech

An interesting article, here are a few quotes:

And where blustering officialdom thinks it can "challenge" and "educate" honest citizens whose opinions don't meet with its approval?

Time was when the answer would have been obvious. Such things might happen in banana republics or Communist dictatorships, but never here. Not in tolerant, democratic, free speech Britain.

In a county where violent crime shot up by 17 per cent last year, you might think the force would have better things to do than follow up this outrageous attempt to censor free speech. But no.

But this isn't the first time police have tried to suppress opinions that don't suit the political elite.

Maya Evans too knows all about the new censorship.

Today, politically correct senior commanders seem ready to push their powers to the limit and beyond, if they think it will please the establishment.

But just as worrying is the intolerance of views that don't follow the prevailing fashion. Isn't this supposed to be a country where there is an inalienable right to honest opinions, honestly expressed?

Hmmm. Censorship, it's all in the eye of the beholder. And this beholder is a great believer in censoring material to 'please the establishment'. Hypocrisy? You Decide.