Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bob Spink Replies to My Email Alleging Right-Wing Bias at BBC

You may remember that a Tory MP had requested examples of BBC bias to deal with the broadcaster's impartiality. Well, contrary to expectations, I received one. First, here's my email pointing out various examples of the BBC's bias:

Date: Jul 20, 2007 10:54 PM
Subject: The Bias At The Heart Of The BBC
To: spinkr@parliament.uk

Dear Mr Spink,
I understand that you are looking for evidence of bias within our 'impartial' broadcaster, the BBC. There are several examples that I would like to bring to your attention with the aim of improving the impartiality of such a huge organisation. Firstly, the BBC has, according to one army officer, been responsible for:

'skewed pro-US coverage' that has inhibited 'proper public debate'.

Furthermore, it has been accused of pro-American bias when it comes to the circumstances surrounding the Iraq war (source:

Some members of the BBC have also shown bias towards the situation in Israel/Palestine. Gavin Esler recently described the situation thus:

"The schism between Gaza and the West Bank leaves Israel with the unpalatable possibility of a kind of 'three state' solution - two hostile Palestinian entities on its borders." (source:

Why would he describe the Palestinian entities in such terms? Hardly objective I'm sure you'll agree.

Finally, I recently caught this story from a blog. The BBC recently made the following remark about the situation in Venezuela:

Mr Chavez has warned his followers that the country is under threat from those opposed to his militant rule. (source:

Why is a democratically elected leader being described as 'militant'? Once again, it is hardly befitting of an institution that claims objectivity.

Clearly, if circumstances do not fit the BBC's world view, the BBC eschews objectivity in favour of a blatant attempt to mislead the British public.

I do hope this helps you to achieve your goal, I look forward to your thoughts on these issues. Congratulations on having the courage to stand up to this monolithic giant.

Kind regards,

And here is his reply:

From: SPINK, Robert <>
Date: Jul 31, 2007 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: The Bias At The Heart Of The BBC

Dear ,

Many thanks for your comments and briefing on this issue.

You make some very important points which, as your rightly say, need addressing. I hope by raising the public profile of this issue, and through all the the excellent replies to my calls for bias examples, a resolution can be reached.

We need to ensure that our BBC is impartial and regains the trust of the British public and the wider world as a matter of urgency. I am grateful to you for your help in this matter.

Please accept my apologies for delay in reply to your initial email; the House took a lot of my time last week. If I can ever be of specific help to you just let me know.

Very best wishes


Dr Bob Spink MP
House of Commons

E-mail: spinkr@parliament.uk
Website: www.epolitix.com/bob-spink

Mmm, wonder if he was really appreciative of my points. I'm in no doubt that this will make little difference, but I hope this counter-balances the ludicrous claims of some nutters on the right that the BBC is somehow patr of a vast left-wing conspiracy. Special thanks must go out to Marc at USS Neverdock for drawing this to my attention. Although I'm guessing he won't welcome my gratitude.

Oh and, if you are interested, here's Bob Spink's page from They Work For You. Lovely man, I'm sure you'll agree.