Saturday, July 14, 2007

BBC Apologises To Queen - Will They Do The Same To The Miners?

Well, I was going to avoid this non-story like the plague, but the absurd furore caused by a badly edited video has become too much to cope with. The usual suspects are at force (four posts for fuck's sake), claiming this is another example of left-wing bias. Take a second to stop and think about it though. Would the BBC, a broadcaster that has had a long history of privileged access to the monarchy, really do something deliberately that would jeopardise this relationship? Of course not. They wouldn't dream of putting their privileged access to the monarchy under threat. However, the apology is intriguing. The BBC seems to have no qualms about apologising to the monarchy over a badly edited trailer yet, as someone has pointed out in today's letter pages in The Guardian, the BBC didn't apologise over its badly edited coverage of the Battle of Orgreave. It's interesting to know where a 'left-wing' broadcaster's loyalties truly lay.