Sunday, July 29, 2007

And Lo...Brown Did Indeed Spread His Arse Cheeks....

All because he loves a bit of Bush. Yes, nothing has changed (quelle surprise) in the all important 'please do fuck us up the arse, your such a bad boy and I love it' Anglo-American relationship (although it's not so much a relationship, more a case of 'fuck buddies'. We think they are buddies, they fuck us good). Yes, Brown is all lubed up:

"And we should acknowledge the debt the world owes to the United States for its leadership in this fight against international terrorism."

Oh yes, what leadership. Although perhaps, if they didn't fund terrorists, we would take that a little more seriously. Even more worryingly:

"As Prime Minister I want to do more to strengthen even further our relationship with the US."

And you thought Blair was the ultimate Bush lover. Look out Iran, here we come.