Friday, July 06, 2007

The Alan Johnston 'Conpiracy' Files - Courtesy of The Loonies at Biased BBC

More from the batty Biased BBC on the 'conspiracy' surrounding Alan Johnston's release. Here are a few more choice quotes from the loony site:


Like the man said, some lies can travel across half the world before the truth gets a chance to put its shoes on.

Not any more. That's what the internet does: it lets us attack the lies and we're doing it now. 'Kidnapped look' my arse. Johnston's been in on this from the start.

Allan@Oslo 04.07.07 - 3:30 pm #


It was obviously all staged. I believe Mr Johnston and Hamas orchestrated this whole stunt in order to provide some publicity for Hamas. I'm sure Mr Johnston was a willing actor as I don't believe he was ever really held against his will.

Congratuations though Mr Johnston, you've managed to fool some very gullible people.

Archie 04.07.07 - 12:55 pm #

bijan daneshmand:

14.17 Alan: [I have just come back from the barbers] "Getting rid of that 'Just Kidnapped' look that I had had earlier." WTF?

Note to Alan: The unshaven beard growth is an essential part of the "just kidnapped look" next time you/BBC try to perfect this "look" make sure you dont shave for at least a week before you are "released"!

Still ovcerall, great acting Alan! Welcome back. The BAFTAs await!

bijan daneshmand 04.07.07 - 2:27 pm #


Noga said "Archie: Your suspicions lurch into conspiracy theory. Johnston would have to be a first class actor in order to be as convincingly abject and relieved as he seemed upon his release. He also looks thin and pale, somewhat incoherent. You can't fake that."

Actually, I do believe it is a conspiracy, so you could call me a conspiracy theorist Are you kidding? Of course he could fake it. I'm sure Hamas have enough money to buy some makeup to make him look more bedraggled than he actually is. The Palestinians are notorious at churning out Paliwood propaganda with blood and actors so why not use a BBC man who is in on your cause? Anyone can fake being a little coherant and jubilant at being 'freed'. Why does he have to be a first class actor, just a little bit of crap acting will be good enough for those who want to believe this is all benevolent and Hamas are just fluffy puppies. I can't wait for the truth to come out.

Archie 04.07.07 - 3:03 pm #

Biased BBC - Madder than a box of frogs.