Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Which Chavez Story Did You Read?

Was it big oil doing deals to remain involved when the oil industry is nationalised with only Exxon and Conoco refusing?

Or was it the US congress passing a measure to add an extra $10 million to Voice Of America to broadcast into Venezuela?

Or was it Chavez's speech on an army base where he warned of US operations to destabilise Venezeula? Factually true (re. VOA and much else) & he also increased their wages although this part was left out by AP editors so the story simply paints him as a militaristic paranoid dictator, not redistributor of wealth, (strange I would have thought support the troops Americans would like that part, -if they got the chance to read it ...) the piece then detailed his military spending to make him seem like a scary enemy!!!!

I'm guessing it was the scary speech story, not least because Google news shows the speech/military spending story is in the hundreds and the others...well oil gets a few and the VOA propaganda funding story gets, erm 2.