Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pro-Starvation Activists Criticise The BBC

Now I may be mistaken and they are criticising the BBC for not going far enough and seeing how the make poverty history campaign was co-opted bu politician's while commitments went unfulfilled. But I think what they really mean is the BBC is not Fox news and that makes our whiny little wingnut hearts cry. For fuck's sake Blair is a Tory, when the BBC suck up to him they are being conservative, are the nutjobs upset because they cannot recognise their policies when implemented from someone nominally in the 'other' camp.

Make Poverty History sets off their COMMUNISM! alarm bells because of it's title, but hey if free trade was going to save the world, why is it taking so many centuries? Do you think it might be an incy wincy part of the problem, not the solution? Not that MPH even went that far they just wanted some basic decency from rich countries. If the BBC criticised the corruption & co-option by NuLabour would that please their stony cold partisan hearts? Are they arguing from the position of hardened campaigners who know just treatment for poor countries requires radical change to global capitalism? Are they saying by going for this so whole heartedly they actually missed the chance to end debt collection, cease rich subsidies in the west that devastate domestic markets with cheap imports? Stop aid reliant on a strict neo-liberal reform agenda? Nationalise state industries so the population owned their own commonwealth of resources? Or are they just wanking on about how dare anyone reveal the true consequences of our free market religion, our monied god is pure and good and if people don't benefit from that they are just bad people who deserve their poverty. Because I get the impression it is a simplistic elite mainstream left/right dust up. The criticism is simply you are not sufficiently enthralled by conservative pro-empire bias

During the seminar a senior BBC reporter criticised the corporation for being anti-American.

In other words, as it is not owned by a for profit corporation it does not sufficiently reflect those ideologies, deference to business and the US hyperpower. Now bets on that reporter, I'd like to be able to say it is definitely Justin 'floppy haired twat' Webb, but lets face it, it could be any of the hacks geisha-ing the anglosphere empire.