Friday, June 22, 2007

Just Another Evangelical Crusade....

Another day, another attack on Western values by religious extremists. But wait, what's this?? They aren't Muslims, they're white, middle-class Christians. Well, that's ok because they're on our side, right? Mmmm, imagine the furore if this action was being taken by a Muslim. Anyway, the really disturbing aspect of this story is revealed on the BBC's site:

Mr Playfoot and his wife Heather are part of the volunteer team which runs the UK branch of the Silver Ring Thing from their church in Horsham.

Hang on a second the girl's father 'runs' the UK branch of the Silver Ring Thing? Is it just possible that her father might be using this issue to raise awareness of the ridiculous 'Silver Ring Thing' (beloved of American evangelicals)? It would certainly appear so. This is nothing more than a particularly foul propaganda campaign that makes full use of the current Islamophobic environment that has infected the UK, an environment that has not been seen since the 1930s. Let's hope this court case is dismissed and Mr Playfoot and his ilk return from wherever it was they crawled out from.