Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Someone Please Help Melanie Phillips

Yet more crazed rants from the mistress of conspiracy theories, I am really starting to worry about her sanity. In her latest rant she writes:

The fact that getting on for two hundred rockets have been fired by the Palestinians at Sderot in the past two days has been virtually ignored.

According to Haaretz:

Some 45 rockets were fired at the western Negev over the weekend, 15 of them landed in Sderot, wounding four people lightly. One rocket hit a parked car, another damaged a factory and a third caused a fire near Sapir College.

Fact takes a 1-0 lead over Phillips.

Phillips: The fact that yesterday a 35 year-old woman was killed by one of these rockets has been all but ignored by journalists.

According to Google's news search there are 2,529 articles containing the terms 'woman', 'killed' and 'Sderot'.

And the referee has blown the whistle. Another defeat for Phillips at the hands of Fact. Will she ever end this losing streak?? I guess not.