Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Please, We Need Your Vote - Now

As courageously drafted by Dennis Kucinich, H.Res.333 was filed last week. It is the first and most central ground statement toward impeaching Vice President Cheney. It was Cheney who led the fabricating charge as a case to invade Iraq. The charge was based on phony weapons of mass destruction. Now, almost as if it were timed to coincide with that initiative, former CIA head George Tenet revealed that they knew that the evidence was flimsy, erroneous and just plain bogus all along, but Cheney tauted his exaggerations in the threat anyway. This is without question the most momentous issue of our time and, whether you agree that Cheney should be impeached,or not, your voice is needed in order to speak out by telling Congress what they should do about it. You can either vote yes or you can vote no. Either way, we cannot afford to remain silent.

Of course, anyone who's been honestly and fairly paying attention to this also knows that since the exposure of the Downing Street Minutes, we were misled into the Iraq quagmire by an executive branch that could not be bothered with the actual facts nor a serious policy debate about those facts. When Richard Clarke spoke the same thing he was smeared in the corporate media for speaking up about his truth as has every other previous whistle blower. What will the contemptuous talking heads say now that the chief of the CIA at the time is another and perhaps the most clinching, confirming witness?

Apparently what galled Tenet enough for him to spill the beans on his own complicity (other than an O.J. scale book advancement) was that the Bush administration, in its typical cowardly fashion, worked the media in order to pin him with the entire blame for the failure of its wrong-headed strategic debacle.

"Tenet told us it was a slam dunk." Cheney pleaded on TV, as the five time military deferment kings again tried to escape any public responsibility for his own primary malfeasance. Yet, in an astonishing twist, Tenet revealed what the words "slam dunk" actually meant in the context that it was intended.

In his book, Tenet confessed that he was not being asked at the time to vouch for the quality of intelligence. He says that he was being asked if the case could be sold to the American people. That's all that was cared about, not whether there was any factual support for their arguments. It was about whether they could get away with bum rushing the rest of us. Therefore, when Tenet said "slam dunk", what he mean twas that they were positively sure that they would be able to stuff their pre-cooked intelligence down our throats.

It's with great hope that you can see where this information is incredibly damning. Tenet unleashed the intelligence's community with the equivalent of, "If, I Helped Them Do It". They were not having a policy debate about the strength of the case against Iraq, they were having a sales meeting of con men who plotted how far they could go while cheating us out of our present lives and our children's future lives with the contents of our treasury. They were determined to go all the way with it and at any cost. "Slam dunk" was not an intelligence assessment,it was a sales projection about their conjured up product.

Tenet was neither the victim of a bad rap, nor the unwitting excuse.Instead he was a willing co-conspirator, happy enough to play along with the war fever and collect his ill-gotten medal of freedom while mooching all the other various perks of the power they had seized. The criminal mastermind of the sordid affair was none other than Richard B. Cheney and that truth can no longer be hidden by even this most secretive of administrations.

What will it take for Congress to impeach him and put him on trial in the Senate for highest of all high crimes, launching a war of immoral and unjustifiable aggression that has cost more American lives than it did on 9/11, moreover, upwards of a million Iraqis, based on nothing but deliberate and calculated lies?

What it will take? All that is required is your voice, and the voices of your friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Vote now in the National Impeachment Poll and send your personal messages to Congress at the same time. In just a couple days over 18,000 folks have cast their votes. Everyone who has ever submitted an action page is needed to cast his or her vote in this one. There's no reason why we can't present Congress with a million votes on this, and it can be achieved. Once completed, impeachment hearings will become a reality on Capitol Hill. When that happens, what a handful of corrupt and overpaid pundits may have said will not matter.

Please take the much needed action of voting now, so we can win the victories that are intended as ours just as the Constitution promises,"We The People..."

Make your concerns known by casting your vote at the link below.


(Courtesy of Maryannaville)