Thursday, May 17, 2007

Iraq Facing Collapse

In their latest report on Iraq, entitled 'Accepting Realities in Iraq', Chatham House has claimed that Iraq is on the verge of collapse. According to the report, written by Gareth Stansfield, there is:

....not 'one' civil war, but many civil wars and insurgencies in the country and current realities have to be accepted if new strategies for solutions are to be found.

The report also adds that:

Iraq has fractured into regional power bases. Political, security and economic power has devolved to local sectarian, ethnic or tribal political groupings. The Iraqi government is only one of several ‘state-like’ actors. The regionalization of Iraqi political life needs to be recognized as a defining feature of Iraq’s political structure.

So, what do we get from our belove leaders? Speeches about mistakes? Apologies? Commitment to withdrawal from Iraq? No, the same old platitudes. According to the BBC:

Mr Blair insisted he would take the same decision again to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with America in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks.

And so, the legacy is confirmed. The final collapse of Iraq is Blair's lasting legacy to the Middle East. He's sure going to be busy when he becomes a roving ambassador to the Middle East, what with two new countries to deal with.

And what of the Iraq war apologists? Well, as always, Mad Mel comes up trumps. Commenting on an interview with John Bolton (a former Cunt of the Week), Mel affirms his rebuttal of John Humphrey's assertion that America had ‘destroyed everything’:

Bolton told him sharply that this was totally untrue, that various Iraqi ministries had remained functioning, and that although undoubtedly America had made grievous mistakes in Iraq, that fact did not invalidate toppling Saddam in the first place.

Furthermore, according to the spokewoman for the far-right, Bolton's argument was based on:

....truth, rationality, sense of proportion and intellectual honesty.

Mmmm, there was me thinking it was based on bullshit. I'm really beginning to suspect that Mel is addicted to class A drugs of some kind. The woman is clearly hallucinating, like all apologists for the war who refuse to see what is blatantly obvious to even the most simple minded folk.

The full report: 'Accepting Realities in Iraq' by Gareth Stansfield.