Sunday, May 20, 2007

David Hicks Back in Australia

So at long last, David Hicks has returned to Australia. Although this is clearly fantastic news, it doesn't mean that his fight is over. As long as Hicks is incarcerated in Australia, he remains a potent reminder of Howard's blatant support for the principles of Guantanamo Bay. The very same principles that he abhors in Zimbabwe, a country who's dictator he willingly props up. Howard has shown his true colours. He does not believe in a 'fair go' for Australian citizens. He does not truly believe in fighting grubby dictators. While the campaign for David continues, so must the campaign to remove Howard step up a gear. Justice will be served when he is thrown out of office. That should be the overriding goal of the next 9 months.

As for David himself, it is an absolute disgrace that this man has to spend the rest of his life branded as a terrorist. This very notion was laughably exposed as a fraud when he was sentenced to only nine months further imprisonment in Australia. NINE months??? Surely if he was that much of a danger, the Australian government would have pressed for a longer sentence? The fact that they didn't speaks volumes about the level of threat that Hicks possesses. They know he is no serious threat to the people of Australia, but they want to be seen to be 'tough on terror', just like Howard's ideological ally in the White House.

As for David's press ban, I am quite willing to publicise his story if he so wants to talk to me. So, if anyone representing David is reading this, feel free to email me and I will happily oblige.