Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Olmert in More Trouble....

Another day, another scandal enveloping Israel's incompetent Prime Minister. According to Haaretz, Israel's State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has called on the police to investigate Olmert on 'suspicion of illicitly arranging investment opportunities for friends while in a previous cabinet post'. In the report, Lindenstrauss claims that:

"Olmert did not refrain from dealing with issues involving his friend, former partner and current attorney, Uri Messer, who initiated the request for financial benefits from the state through the Industry Ministry's Investment Center."

She went on to add that:

"Olmert should have removed himself completely from dealing with the company's request, put forward by Messer, and in not doing so placed himself in a conflict of interest. Olmert's connections with Messer and his involvement in advancing the project... despite the conflict of interest in which he was immersed, raise suspicions about his ethics."

This is not the first time that Olmert has been dogged by scandal. Alongside his disastrous campaign in South Lebanon which achieved nothing other than the strengthening of Iran in the region, he has also been accused of improper practice over the sale of the state's controlling interest in Bank Leumi. Once more, the scandal involved a close personal associate of the Prime Minister (Frank Lowy). That scandal led to Israel's Accountant General to descibe Israel as being:

Isn't it about time that Olmert did at least one honorable thing in his political career, and resign with immediate effect?