Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fuckwitpedia Now Online!!!

I have been meaning to blog about this ever since I saw it reported in The Guardian last week. A group of right-wing activists have got together to produce a competitor to Wikipedia, which they see as being too left-leaning and liberal. Called 'Conservapedia', it is an attempt by the right to redress this balance. It is, however, unintentionally hilarious in it's ignorance. Here are a few choice selections from this Bible of Wonder:

George W Bush

In 2004, George W. Bush won reelection by a popular margin of millions of votes, including a landslide victory in the State of Florida where the outcome had been so close in 2000.

[Marvel at the specific detail]

The Democratic Party

....the national leadership of the Democratic Party tends to be soft on terrorism, insufficiently patriotic, supportive of abortion on demand, and hostile to America's founding principles such as freedom of religion.


...the biological world has the strong appearance of being created...


The vast majority of scientific studies have shown that abortion causes an increase in breast cancer, including 16 out of 17 statistically significant studies. Studies showing that abortion increases breast cancer predate the political controversy. It is undisputed that having a baby protects against breast cancer, and thus early termination of pregnancy must increase the risk of cancer for the mother compared to carrying that same pregnancy to birth.

Interestingly, the last, rather disturbing, entry cites a report by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. A conservative group, they have also previously published a report on the effects of immigration on healthcare. Here's a little sample of that report:

Illegal aliens' stealthy assaults on medicine now must rouse
Americans to alert and alarm. Even President Bush describes
illegal aliens only as they are seen: strong physical laborers who
work hard in undesirable jobs with low wages, who care for their
families, and who pursue the American dream.

What is unseen is their free medical care that has degraded and
closed some of America's finest emergency medical facilities, and
caused hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospitals are closing
their doors.
Anchor babies' born to illegal aliens instantly qualify
as citizens for welfare benefits and have caused enormous rises in
Medicaid costs and stipends under Supplemental Security Income
and Disability Income.

Close America's borders.
Prevent illegal entry with fences,
high-tech security devices, and troops re-deployed from Germany
and South Korea.
Deport illegal aliens. Homeland Security's
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a division of Detention
and Removal dedicated to deportation. It is hobbled by the
powerful Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the
Department of Justice court system that consists of the U.S.
Immigration Court (USIC) plus an appellate court, the Board of
Immigration Appeals (BIA). The equation EOIR = USIC + BIA
usually provides amnesty for the illegal alien, plus another level of
appeal against deportation in federal circuit court.
Internment and deportation are politically incorrect. But
America's inadequate federal border enforcement permits massive
daily border penetrations that violate the integrity of our medicine
and our national security.

Something tells me that they are slightly less concerned with medical fact than political point scoring. Whatever their intentions are, it is perfectly clear that any report that they produce will be heavily skewed towards a particular viewpoint. How do these shitheads sleep at night?? The last one in particular is pretty offensive stuff to say the least. In actual fact, no major charities support this view and various studies have been conducted that suggest this is complete bollocks. Perhaps they should rename it 'Fuckwitpedia'.

Further Information: If you want more information on the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, ConWebWatch has more, or visit the Wiki page.