Saturday, March 03, 2007

BBC Gagged by Government

From The Guardian:

The BBC was banned last night from broadcasting fresh allegations in the cash for honours investigation.

Lord Goldsmith, the attorney general, obtained an injunction to stop the BBC proceeding with a news story for the 10 O'Clock News after a two-hour hearing in chambers at the royal courts of justice in London.

The BBC could only say last night that it had been prevented from broadcasting a story which it believed was a "legitimate matter of public interest" about an hour before the bulletin went on air.

Two things come to mind. Firstly, does this mean a prosecution is imminent? Secondly, why should we allow the government to censure the press? Don't we live in a society that allows free speech? Isn't that what our leaders keep telling us in the great 'War on Terror'? And if the call for censorship is to prevent prejudicing a court case, why isn't similar action taken against the tabloid press when they print various accusations in the run-up to a court case? I guess it is because this goes to the very core of the corrupt regime that rules over us. The people must not learn the truth.